Located in Sturbridge, Massachusetts and serving the surrounding communities, I specialize in at-home dog training, personalizing each appointment to maximize effectiveness and minimize unnecessary stress for you and your best friend. My goal is to help your dog become a happy, balanced and well-mannered member of society. I will create a plan to help achieve what you need as well as what your dog needs.

Appointments are usually 1-1.5 hours and we go over behavior and training concerns, management, concepts, exercise, enrichment and relaxation, as well as addressing particular problem behaviors you may have. At the end of appointments I give 'homework' to help maximize cost-effectiveness and efficiency of training. I also have a YouTube channel with a combination of public and private videos to review concepts in-between appointments and to provide you with the most support.

Appointments can be in home, on trails, in stores or in parks. I work with you to help with your goals, whether it is having a dog who is well behaved around guests, reducing your dog's reactivity or keeping your dog calm in new situations. I do not require packages, most of my clients have 2-4 appointments but my goal is to go at the pace that works best for you and your dog. You have a bunch of questions you want answered in an appointment? Great! Do you have a moving goal that expands as we work? Awesome! This flexibility works better for most people's budget and the realities of life.