5th Rescue- May, 2018

Roxie was our first kill shelter rescue. We found her picture online Sunday night with a bold URGENT next to it. When we reached out to the page we found that her last day was Monday, and no one had expressed interest in her. We asked a few questions and decided that we couldn't let this pup be put down through no fault of her own so we decided to take her in too, as a foster who we would try to rehome after we got her back to optimum health. When we got her it was clear that she was a good dog who had been treated awfully before we got her. It seems like she was locked outside and abused for years, then bred and dumped. She was very scared of loud noises, fast motions and she threw up every time she drank water for the first 3 months-from a lack of access to water before. She was eager to please though and soon she was desensitized and ready to find her forever home- it just turned out that that home would be with us because we could not let her go.