10th Rescue- March 2021

Louise is a feral pup who wasn't thriving at her last fosters home, despite their best efforts. Louise was so afraid of people that she was hiding behind the couch and not coming out, behavior that is fairly common for feral dogs, even after weeks and months. Louise escaped from her foster home and then spent months living in the woods evading capture. When she came to us she spent her first few days in her crate, learning to trust us and that we weren't going to push her, then she started coming out of her shell, showing us what a sweet girl she is and we couldn't love her more. She has progressed from going into flight mode when she sees people 300 feet away to being able to live like a normal dog in our house, enjoying trips to the stores, taking treats from strangers and even learning some fun tricks! We still have some more work to do, but couldn't be more proud of how far she has come.

If you would like to see where Louise started out, I filmed her rehabilitation to help others working with feral dogs.